Eresma, rural soul. The rebirth of the Grupo Copese charcuterie and processed food brand

Eresma, rural soul. The rebirth of the Grupo Copese charcuterie and processed food brand

November 02, 2021

Eresma changed image, returned to its origins and enhanced its rural soul, a fundamental cornerstone in its professional career.

Eresma, the charcuterie and processed food brand under Grupo Copese, renews its image with its sights set on tradition and its origins, going back to its rural soul. Of course, this is all without losing sight of innovation and the strict quality standards which turned this company into a regional and national benchmark, with growing international projection.

Under the name of the river that brings water to the lands of Segovia, the company’s headquarters, Eresma turns the “Puente Grande” of Coca, the gateway to the village, into its symbol of excellence. This bridge was built on a previous bridge of Roman origin. Built by the Coca community in the 18th century, this single-arch bridge is raised more than a dozen metres above the river that flows below.

For all those years, since its origins in 1993, the brand has experienced several changes to its image to represent the fresh meat, cured leg and shoulder products, charcuterie and traditional jars. It has grown, evolved and conquered new challenges, but it never lost sight of home, its village, its roots. In conclusion, it has always maintained and encouraged its rural soul: an essence that defines Eresma and Grupo Alimentario Copese is their commitment to the rural and local environment.

After a turbulent time, which forced it to be rekindled with renewed vigour, the change of image has been carried out by Mon Estudio and the Miltrescentientosgramos agency, who wanted to promote the return to the origins of Eresma and Grupo Copese, always committed to developing their land.

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