Grupo Copese obtains the food quality certifications IFS and BRC

Grupo Copese obtains the food quality certifications IFS and BRC

April 09, 2021

The meat processing centre Hola Food located in Villacastín (Segovia) has made improvements to its production processes in order to obtain these certifications which guarantee the safety and authenticity of their food products.

This week, the meat processing centre Hola Food, part of the business holding of Grupo Alimentario Copese, has obtained the International Featured Standards (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) certifications, quality seals that serve to guarantee the safety of its food products, and to continue with expansion into the international market.

The IFS and BRC certifications are proof that Hola Food, whose meat processing centre is located in Villacastín (Segovia), markets food that is compliant with all the product requirements: legality, authenticity, quality and safety. And that it is also in a position to implement an exportation plan to countries on different continents. Both approvals mean a fully-recognised guarantee in food products, given that they respond to high standards regarding safety and quality carried out during the whole process.

The CEO of Grupo Alimentario Copese, José Muñoz was very satisfied with the new certification. “This certification allows the uniformity of the food safety and quality to be guaranteed, which translates into improved productivity, as well as minimising the risks for consumers and increasing the effectiveness of processes,” he stated.

These certifications will be used to boost the growth of the Grupo Alimentario Copese business holding. They’re also another step closer to achieving the goal of becoming a flagship meat company at a national level during the 2020 - 2025 period, as well as having a greater presence in foreign markets.

Hola Food, as one of the largest meat processing centres in Castile and León, already had a major presence nationally. Thanks to the certifications, a qualitative leap towards foreign trade was made. The strategic plan for exportation will be implemented, with destinations like Mexico, Japan and the Philippines already authorised, and awaiting authorisation in other countries like Brazil, China and South Africa.

The company has provided all the required resources, both human and material, including team training – the main driver of this process – since it is aware of the importance of this process, as stated in its Quality Policy.

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