Copese Group increases its turnover by 25% in 2021

Copese Group increases its turnover by 25% in 2021

January 24, 2022

The business holding Grupo Alimentario Copese had a turnover of 84 million euros at the end of 2021.

Grupo Alimentario Copese closed the year of its 45th anniversary with an 25% increase in turnover. The consolidated turnover of the holding company reached 84 million euros in 2021, exceeding the 75 million euro target by year-end.

With its ‘Integrated Production Process’, the company from Segovia has become a benchmark for the pork meat industry at a regional and national level, 100% controlling the production process thanks to the different business areas: Piensos Copese, Granjas Copese, Copese & Co, Eresma and Hola Food.

The company began their activity in 1976 with a modest project of feed commercialisation, 3 employees and 35 million pesetas of initial investment. In recent years, they’ve experienced exponential growth by creating new business lines. The company closed the 2020 financial year with a turnover of 67 million euros and closes 2021 bettering this figure by 25%.


New challenges: international expansion

By obtaining and soon renewing the IFS and BRCGS food quality certifications at Hola Food, the meat processing centre located in Villacastín (Segovia), one more step has been taken towards achieving the goal of becoming a leading meat company at the national level by 2025, as well as having a greater presence in foreign markets.

Hola Food, with one of the foremost meat processing centres of Castile and León, already had a major presence at the national level. Thanks to the certifications, a qualitative leap towards foreign trade was made.

The strategic exportation plan has already authorised destinations such as: Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea, Chile and the Philippines and awaiting authorisation from other countries like China, South Africa, Thailand and Singapore.


A company with a rural soul

Grupo Alimentario Copese has a strong commitment to the rural and local environment.

With its conglomerate of companies, it seeks to promote growth and employability in its surroundings. Grupo Alimentario Copese closed 2021 with a staff of more than 370 direct employees and 150 indirect employees in all its companies.

If we take the last decade as a reference point, at the end of 2010, Copese had an average of 157 direct employees.  This means a growth today of 135.66%.

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